Free tool: Page Rank Checker on your own web site!

Do you want to check the Google™ page ranking of your web site and other pages … right on your own web site?  Yes, that is possible! Just grab and add our free page rank checker tool and your page rank icon to your web site. Once added, you’ll have the ability to check page rank value of your web pages on-line right at your own website ~ you never ever have to check somewhere else!

PageRank™ algorithm is Google Inc.’s trademark.
Google™ search engine is owned by Google Inc.

For more information about the Google PageRank™ algorithm, you may check’s website.

Want to learn more about Google’s ranking factors? You may check ranking information from Google. If you’re curious about the Google PageRank™ algorithm, you may check Google’s PageRank™ Technology page here.

Page Rank Icon Samples

Here are the sample page rank icons that will show the current PageRank of your website. You can choose anything ~ they are all free.

Check Page Rank Free small 9

Want to get one?  >> Page Rank Icons

Do you want to add the Page Rank Checker on your site? Click here: Page Rank Checker Tool


WireWalkersVA Check Page Rank Free and our page ranking functionality is a free service being provided to the web community by WireWalkersVA. Feel free to contact us at if we can be of assistance.


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